Researchers: Arctic Methane Burp Could Cost The World $60 Trillion

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CBS Seattle

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (CBS Seattle) – Researchers at the University of Alaska are warning of a methane burp in the Arctic that could potentially cost the world an estimated $60 trillion.

A recent analysis of the cost of Arctic melting helped the team of researchers calculate the whopping price tag of the possible geological event, reportedly amounting to as much as an entire year of Earth’s gross domestic product, in addition to causing what they described as a “climate catastrophe.”

According to the website New Scientist, Igor Semiletov and Natalia Shakhova of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks have found that the release of trapped greenhouse gases also could allegedly move forward the globally degenerative effects of global warming by approximately 35 years.

Semiletov and Shakhova found that 50 billion tons of the methane gas could be released inside of a decade, causing a 1.3-degree rise in global temperatures and increasing…

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