No Discrimination!

I love all colors, no discrimination here, red…white…pink!  People say, I don’t know how you do it, being a single mother of two.  I say, I have helpers…no not a nanny but a good glass of wine in the evening does the trick.  Okay! A bottle of wine in the evening does the trick, a glass just makes you realize you dirtied another glass and simply could have used a straw with the bottle instead creating more work for yourself!  In today’s age we must realize we can no longer be picky about color…we simply take whats in front of us if we choose to survive until morning!  Red for Heart-Go Fig, so corny! White- (hmm….goes with Fish:-)) and pink, usually tends to be the creation of the simple saying-”Did we do anything last night?”  So -people, especially fellow mothers, take off your shoes stop being picky and enjoy the sensation from a little helper tonight!


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