No Discrimination!

I love all colors, no discrimination here, red…white…pink!  People say, I don’t know how you do it, being a single mother of two.  I say, I have helpers…no not a nanny but a good glass of wine in the evening does the trick.  Okay! A bottle of wine in the evening does the trick, a glass just makes you realize you dirtied another glass and simply could have used a straw with the bottle instead creating more work for yourself!  In today’s age we must realize we can no longer be picky about color…we simply take whats in front of us if we choose to survive until morning!  Red for Heart-Go Fig, so corny! White- (hmm….goes with Fish:-)) and pink, usually tends to be the creation of the simple saying-”Did we do anything last night?”  So -people, especially fellow mothers, take off your shoes stop being picky and enjoy the sensation from a little helper tonight!


Life in the BAY

Life is great living in the Bay Area; close to the best wines in the states, beautiful beaches (my personal favorites), weather people are sooo jealous of, great architecture and oh yeah there is beer here too!  Concerts are out of control, the wine valley is full of famous people ( however its not like we see them everyday like in Hollywood- so stay out PAPARAZZI! The views are breath taking, surfing…yes is great here too along with sailing whale watching site seeing, etc.  

With all this said all these things go unnoticed by the locals on a day to day basis, simply because we are too busy to stop and smell the roses-not sure if you have ever been to The Bay, but if so you understand the pace, just by the non-law abiding speed limits! (laughs) unless there is traffic…which is 75% of any given time on any given Bay Area HWY.  Regardless, my point is stopping and smelling the roses just doesn’t seem to exist….HOWEVER!!!!~I found the perfect way to stop and smell the roses enjoy the scenery around you and cherish your moments of simple perfection.  HAVE A GLASS OF WINE…through my glass comes inspiration, courage, laughter, passion, scenes that usually don’t seem to work, beauty is found in everything! 


Its not hard to stop and smell the roses (literally) with a wine tasting when at practically every vineyard in the valley there are roses posted at the end of each row!  So drink up and start sniffing your way to a new outlook, even if only until the bottles ware off.

Happy Monday!
Cheers my Wicked Loves.



Need WINE for Warmth